Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Second Opinion Rules!!

Just back from seeing the Dr about my toe and he agrees with my regular Dr.  Yes, it is broke, but it does not need surgery!  It will heal or not on it's own.  With it being the Pinky toe, it is totally irrelevant.  What was more to the point for him was the pain I was still in.  He managed to pinpoint the pain, poking, twisting etc.  I have severely pinched the Median Nerve going down the side of my foot.  He gave me an injection in the most painful area and said that should "calm" things down so that the nerve can heal.  I have another appointment to see him in 8 weeks, but he said he does not expect to see me because he expects it to be all better by then.  In the meantime, I have NO restrictions so, look out Wii!....a friend did have to point out that also meant I could shovel
I'm just SO happy now!

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  1. Glad your doctor gave you good advice, not like the one before! Sounds like a good plan to me, just protect it to give it a chance to heal (see, I got you out of the snow shoveling!) Might want to tape it to the other toes to keep it immobile for awhile. Now bring on the craftiness!