Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm still among the living....

Did you all think I had fallen off the Earth?  Wrong...I'm still  I've been very busy with my tatting (can be found on Custom Creations from Carolivy).  I've been working out local Farmers Market, taking my cards, tatting and bags.  I've also been baking like a fool and taking cookies, muffins and popcorn to sell there as well.  Not had much time to do much designing or card making but I have gotten some done.

The first two cards were made for a standing order.  I have a lady who gives Birthday cards to all of her clients.  She is one terrific lady.

Bouquet of Roses Oval Pyramid Card

Owl Card Front and 3D
These next cards are to replenish my stock of cards that I am taking to the Farmers Market.

Solitude 2 Thinking of You Peek-a-boo Card

Blue Layered Card Front & Tea Bag Tiles

Clematis Card Front & Accesories & Clematis Pyramid

Clematis Card Front & Tea Bag Tile Card wbookmark

Wedding Bouquet Pyramid & Tea Bag Tile Set
If you are interested in any of these cards you can find all of them available HERE.