Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Birthday Sale!

This month, I'm having my 20% discount on all of my items over on CUP starting on January 12, 2014.  This is a very special day for me this year as I hit the 1/2 century mark this year!  The sale will start midnight January 12 and run for 4 days.  Come fill up your carts and help me celebrate 50 years!

I have a wish for everyone this year....
May everyone of my friends have a better 2014 in every manner!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Totally off topic....for me

Ok, I know this is a bit strange from me, but I have found something yummy that I just HAVE to share with you!

I've been making my own Greek Yogurt now for just over a year.  I started making my own when I found out my favorite flavored yogurts contained as much sugar as a Twinky! :-O  It is SUPER easy and Oh so delish!

Ok, now on to the really yummy that I had to share!  I love pudding (instant or cooked) and recently wanted pudding but didn't have enough milk, cuz I just made yogurt the night before....SO, I used enough of the yogurt to make the amount of milk I needed to make my pudding and WOW!  Super thick, super yummy pudding!

My latest find is Jell-O Instant Pudding Candy Cane which I make with 1/2 milk & 1/2 homemade Greek Yogurt.  After made, I add 3 crushed peppermint candy canes....OH!  Bliss!  lol

I have made my pudding this way several times and haven't found a pudding yet that doesn't taste awesome this way, but the one I like best (besides the Candy Cane) is the Cheesecake tastes SO cheesy!

If you make pudding this way, let me know how YOU like it.

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Do You Like Tea?

Are you a Tea drinker?  Do you like different flavors of tea?  I'll bet you are wondering why I'm asking you.  Well, it is very simple really.  I'm in the process of moving and won't be able to continue to do the Farmers Market that I have been doing for the last several years. :-<  The Farmers Market in the town where I am moving to doesn't need any  more handcrafters (yet ;-P ).  So I've been asked if I can bring my jams and jellies, PLUS can I blend teas for the market?  Too cool really as I LOVE tea!  I already have a wholesale supplier for all of my teas, the flora, herbs & spices to blend with the tea.  Now, all I need are some really great ideas for flavor blends.  I have a few in mind....Vanilla/Cinnamon, Ginger/Peach, Chocolate/Raspberry, Orange/Spice, Wintergreen/Lemon...and more, but I want to hear what YOUR favorite tea flavors are.

I won't be using any Green or White teas though...I'm extremely allergic to Green and terrified to try the White.  So, all I'm making are Black teas and Herbal teas.  So, post a comment here and let me know your favorite flavor combinations!


Sunday, December 15, 2013


For those of you who like my stuff over on CUP, I will be having a 20% sale on all of my stuff for 4 days at the end of this month. 27-Dec-13 to 31-Dec-13   Come fill your carts and make wonderful cards for all those on your card list at a discount!

Special orders are always welcome as well.  You can either send me an email here, or a post your request on the CraftsUPrint Forum and I will get the message.

I'll be having 4 day sales each month, but not always at the same time, so watch this space!

Monday, December 9, 2013


Here is the baby set I was telling you about before. 
Have you ever almost finished something only to see a boo-boo way back towards the beginning, rip it all out and almost be back to the same point only to find out that you were right the first time?  Doh!!  That happened to me while I was designing the bib pants to this set.  The set is done in the Afghan stitch (aka Tunisian Crochet) in DK yarn and is a toasty warm set for any 9-12 month old to wear when it is cold out.  The set can be worn over "regular" clothes as a "snowsuit" or worn by itself for when it is chilly but not cold out.  This pattern will be available on CUP after validation (sometime around midnight tonight, UK time)
Warm Winter Jacket & Bib Pants Set
The snowflakes are put on using the Duplicate stitch after the whole thing is made.

My next project is finishing a very old WIP.  I started a sweater for my mother yeeeears ago (no, don't is tooo embarrassing!)  I only have about 1/2 a sleeve to go and it will be done in time to give her for Christmas this year.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adult Slouchy Hat (with or without Earflaps)

Oh boy, am I having fun designing these new hats!  Here is another Adult hat in a Slouchy style with or without Earflaps.  This hat is made using the Afghan stitch (also known as Tunisian Crochet)

Pattern will be available soon on CUP
Next one on the burners is a set for a 9-12 month old.  The set will have a jacket, hat and bib pants.  These will also be done in the Afghan stitch.

Friday, November 15, 2013

So busy knitting!

Oh wow!  I can't believe that it has been more than a year since my last post! :-O  Life sure gets in the way of making regular posts here like I started out doing.  This year hasn't been an easy one for me.  The end result is that I will be moving (soon, I hope) to a small apartment.  The one really good thing about that is that I will have no more maintenance, snow shoveling, grass mowing,  It will be me, alone, in my  new apartment.  I'm also looking forward to only having to clean up after  SO, those of you who have my snail mail address may want to send me an email to give me a nudge to let you know what my new addy know who you are!

On to the real reason for my post though.  I've been on a yarn kick lately.  It started out making Car Seat Blankies, went on to making hat & mitten sets for babies and has graduated to designing my own hats in knit and afghan stitch.  I'm have an absolute blast!  If any of you are knitters and are looking for gifts for babies, check out this hat pattern.

0-3 months, 3-6 months & 6-12 months, 3 styles
These hats lead to this next hat.  This hat is for adults (head circumference 21-23") and combines a scarf with the hat for a very fun hat to wear when it is cold outside.
Scarf Tail is 45" long
I'm having SO much fun designing these hats!  I'm working on another adult hat with a variation and a set for babies that has a jacket, bib pants and adorable hat.  So much yarn and so little time!