Sunday, January 2, 2011


Boy, life sure has a way of getting in the way of doing the things I REALLY want to do recently!
I think I'm going to have to post a note to myself so I remember to post here more often...sigh.
Since my last post I got shanghaied into doing a Craft Show.  Actually did quite well at it too....which kind of surprised me since the last two shows I had done, I hadn't even made my table price.
Here is my 1/2 of the table display.  I sold quite a bit of the tatted jewelry this time.  I think I figured out that I have been displaying the jewelry wrong before.  People weren't "seeing" it the way it was displayed before.  So I will be displaying it like this from now on!
Well, about life....way back in October, after I was done painting the new addition to my deck....

Isn't it grand looking?  I can now sit outside during the Summer without fear of too much sun (I'm allergic to the sun and can only stay out unprotected by long sleeves, pants and hat for less than 5 minutes) Well, after I was done painting, I was taking my scaffolding apart, when I dropped the platform, edgewise onto my toes...ouch!  Went to the Dr and she did x-rays and she said I broke my pinky toe, but when the radiologist read the x-rays, he said there was no break or anything else wrong....Fast forward to mid December and my foot is still hurting badly when I put on shoes...I can go barefoot ok, but you can't go "out" that way.  My Dr sent me to a Podiatrist and he did more x-rays and said my toe is definitely broken and not even trying to heal....sigh  He wants to do surgery on my toe, but I'm not convinced what he wants to do is what needs to be done....can't find ANY information online about the proposed surgery, so I will talk to my regular Dr before I make any decisions.
My youngest daughter is back from California, after her 13 month stay out there.  Thought she had done some "growing up" and getting her act together, but she is back in the hospital again and she hasn't even been home a week yet.  Doesn't sound like much has changed...sigh

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  1. When I worked for a group of orthopedic dr's we didn't do anything for a broken toe except bind it to the other toes to keep it still while it healed. I wouldn't allow the podiatrist to do surgery, maybe find an orthopedist in your area, one that specializes in feet would be best but in the meantime eat well to promote healing and bind your toe to keep if from flexing and prohibiting the healing process. Hope that helps!