Sunday, January 2, 2011

Another CraftsUPrint Video

For all those who ever were interested in doing Tea Bag Folding, but just couldn't figure it out, I have another Video on CUP TV that is just for you!  This is a Tea Bag Folding Demonstration.  I demo the Basic Square, Basic Triangle, and Kite Folds.  Then I show you one of my folds that starts with the Basic Square Fold, the Kite in a Diamond Fold.  I also show a reallly cool glittering technique.  Don't know what happened to the sound though.  It was fine on my end, but when I sent it in it got WAY messed up!   If you want Card Fronts with Matching Tea Bag Tiles, check out my deisgns on CUP.  Just put Tea Bag Tiles in the Search on my page to find all my Tea Bag Tiles.

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