Monday, January 31, 2011

NEW! Tri-Fold Pyramid Cards

I told y'all that I was working on another "New From" on CUP.  Well, the sheets are uploaded and going live today.  They will be in the Feb 2 promotional flyer.
Just so you know what is up and coming, here are the preview sheets on all 10 of my newest designs.
Baby Boy Tri-Fold Pyramid Card
Baby Girl Tri-Fold Pyramid Card
Beautiful Rose Tri-Fold Pyramid Card
Blue Floral Tri-Fold Pyramid Card
Bright Birthday Tri-Fold Pyramid Card with Tea Bags
Bright Flowers Tri-Fold Pyramid Card

Folded Blue Alcohol Tri-Fold Card with Tea Bags

Goth Roses Tri-Fold Pyramid Card
Love Swans Tri-Fold Pyramid Card
Wedding Tri-Fold Pyramid Card

And here are 2 of the cards I have made using these kits.
Bright Birthday Tri-Fold Pyramid Card Sample
Wedding Tri-Fold Pyramid Card Sample
I would love it, if you make up any of these kits, if you would send me a picture of your finished card.  Let me know if I can post them and I will post your cards here too.
Have fun.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Designer Resources Posted

You do not have to be a CraftsUPrint Designer to use the Designer Resources available on CUP.  You do need a bit of knowledge of using PNG files though.  If you don't know how to use PNG files, check out this Tutorial I posted earlier.  I think those of you who consider yourselves to be "just cardmakers" would find that some of the Designer Resources would be invaluable in your work. 

Here is my latest set of DR that I just uploaded yesterday.  The papers can be used as backings for cards by printing them out then layering on a 3-D or other element or you can layer things on (like I show in the tut) on the computer, then print them all out together.

And here is the Embellishment set that I designed to go with all of these paper packs.
There are a few other things that I have uploaded using the Alcohol Papers that I made.  If you go to my page, and type in Alcohol into the Search there, you will come up with more of them.

Happy creating and I'd love to see what you create with them.  Just send me a photo to my email address in my profile.

The Second Opinion Rules!!

Just back from seeing the Dr about my toe and he agrees with my regular Dr.  Yes, it is broke, but it does not need surgery!  It will heal or not on it's own.  With it being the Pinky toe, it is totally irrelevant.  What was more to the point for him was the pain I was still in.  He managed to pinpoint the pain, poking, twisting etc.  I have severely pinched the Median Nerve going down the side of my foot.  He gave me an injection in the most painful area and said that should "calm" things down so that the nerve can heal.  I have another appointment to see him in 8 weeks, but he said he does not expect to see me because he expects it to be all better by then.  In the meantime, I have NO restrictions so, look out Wii!....a friend did have to point out that also meant I could shovel
I'm just SO happy now!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some cards made recently

Well, I told you I'd try to post more often, so here I am, posting tonight some of the cards I've made recently for an order.  These are all some of my more recent designs as well.
Blue "Guy" Card Front and Tea Bag Tiles
This card was made for an Elderly Blind Gentleman, so lots of different textures for him to feel.  The fold is Penny Wessenauer's Sunshine Square Fold.
Soft Blue Card Front and Tea Bag Tiles
The fold on this card is Christian Stewart's Never Again fold with a join variation.
Beautiful Rose Bookmark Card
The bookmark is glued to a beautiful hammered light pink cardstock to make it sturdier when using.  I just LOVE the way these Bookmark cards work up!
Elegant Vase of Roses Bookmark Card
This sheet has a front and a back to the bookmark.  The back has a really nice verse on it about books.
Elegant Vase of Roses No Hole Fold Back Card
This is one of a new series of No Hole Fold Back cards I was asked to design for a Card Making Class that I am doing later this month for a group of ladies.  They really fell in love with the Fold Back Card, but some of the ladies have limited ability to cut, so want as little cutting as possible.  Don't you just love the graphics?  These are from Jaguarwoman.  I am loving using her beautiful work!
Hummingbird and Columbine Easel Card
Not really a card for an order, but one I did make recently.  I made this card for my mother for her Birthday last month.  She loves hummingbirds, so I am enjoying designing new cards to make her for her Birthday and for Mother's Day.

I am currently working on another "New From" that will be coming out the first part of February.  That is all I can say, but I think you will all like the new style.

I also am going to be doing the Craft Show at the Country Club again this year.  This year they are holding it on the 12th of February, so I will be able to make a few Valentines designs.  Usually the show is held the end of February, or the beginning of March.  This will be the first year it will be held so early, so hopefully I will get some extra (last minute) Valentine sales.

I go to see another Dr about my toe tomorrow.  When I talked to my regular Dr about what that other Dr wanted to do, she said NO Way!, and set me up with this appointment for a second oppinion.  I will let you know how that goes.  I'm getting REAL tired of wearing this "boot" fact, I don't think they are meant to be worn this long...the sole on the thing is starting to separate from the

Well, that is all from me for tonight.  I hope you all are having good weather.  Stay dry and stay warm (or may be)

Sending you all hugs

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Another CraftsUPrint Video

For all those who ever were interested in doing Tea Bag Folding, but just couldn't figure it out, I have another Video on CUP TV that is just for you!  This is a Tea Bag Folding Demonstration.  I demo the Basic Square, Basic Triangle, and Kite Folds.  Then I show you one of my folds that starts with the Basic Square Fold, the Kite in a Diamond Fold.  I also show a reallly cool glittering technique.  Don't know what happened to the sound though.  It was fine on my end, but when I sent it in it got WAY messed up!   If you want Card Fronts with Matching Tea Bag Tiles, check out my deisgns on CUP.  Just put Tea Bag Tiles in the Search on my page to find all my Tea Bag Tiles.


Boy, life sure has a way of getting in the way of doing the things I REALLY want to do recently!
I think I'm going to have to post a note to myself so I remember to post here more often...sigh.
Since my last post I got shanghaied into doing a Craft Show.  Actually did quite well at it too....which kind of surprised me since the last two shows I had done, I hadn't even made my table price.
Here is my 1/2 of the table display.  I sold quite a bit of the tatted jewelry this time.  I think I figured out that I have been displaying the jewelry wrong before.  People weren't "seeing" it the way it was displayed before.  So I will be displaying it like this from now on!
Well, about life....way back in October, after I was done painting the new addition to my deck....

Isn't it grand looking?  I can now sit outside during the Summer without fear of too much sun (I'm allergic to the sun and can only stay out unprotected by long sleeves, pants and hat for less than 5 minutes) Well, after I was done painting, I was taking my scaffolding apart, when I dropped the platform, edgewise onto my toes...ouch!  Went to the Dr and she did x-rays and she said I broke my pinky toe, but when the radiologist read the x-rays, he said there was no break or anything else wrong....Fast forward to mid December and my foot is still hurting badly when I put on shoes...I can go barefoot ok, but you can't go "out" that way.  My Dr sent me to a Podiatrist and he did more x-rays and said my toe is definitely broken and not even trying to heal....sigh  He wants to do surgery on my toe, but I'm not convinced what he wants to do is what needs to be done....can't find ANY information online about the proposed surgery, so I will talk to my regular Dr before I make any decisions.
My youngest daughter is back from California, after her 13 month stay out there.  Thought she had done some "growing up" and getting her act together, but she is back in the hospital again and she hasn't even been home a week yet.  Doesn't sound like much has changed...sigh