Thursday, May 26, 2011

Latest Cards

Yeup, as the posts suggests I've actually made a few cards

The first card is FSS-Hummingbird & Columbine with Penny Wesenauer's Unfolding Flower.  I just LOVED this set when Tracey posted it in her store.  I mixed up the colors of the flower and the bird a bit as my mother has blue columbine that her hummingbirds just love.  I used my Photoshop Styles to make the glittery boarder around the hummingbird and the little panel on the side is embossed with a CB Edge Embossing Folder.
FSS-Hummingbird & Columbine with Penny Wesenauer's Unfolding Flower
The next card is one I made for a blind gentleman.  For this card I used LOTS of different CB Embossing folders and made a shaped cascade card.  I put on a tea bag medallion done with Lucy's Funky Flower #2 with a gem brad in the middle.  LOTS of texture for someone who can't see, but still pleasing to the eye for those who can see it.
The next card I have for you today is one of my new designs.  This is a Shelf Card.  Yes, I know it is Christmas...what can I say.  I work on Christmas all year  This is Christmas Elf & Gifts Shelf Card and is a very fun card to make.
Christmas Elf & Gifts Shelf Card
And the very last card I have for you today is another of my new designs.  I actually have several of these designs great for various occasions, but this is the one I have made up...yeup, another Christmas  This one is Christmas Spring Easel Card - Red.  These cards are a combination of a Spring Card and an Easel Card for a really unique style.  A tutorial for making the cards can be found here.   For those of you that keep up with my Blog Store, Custom Creations from Carolivy, you may recognise the bow as the Crinkled Bows.  This just shows how wonderful they would look in your designs or even in your scrapbooking.
Christmas Spring Easel Card - Red