Friday, December 3, 2010

I will try to do better

I am SO sorry it has been so long since I posted.  I had it brought home to me the other day with a phone call that some of my online friends have been worried about me.  Just want to tell you all that I am still here and doing relatively well.  I've been fighting severe depression for about 6 months now.  Have been on medication for it and feel much better.  Question though....when you are depressed and then start taking an anti-depressant and then (several months later) you no longer feel depressed, is it the medication working or are you no longer depressed?  Catch 22 here.  Doc won't let me go off the anti-depressant just now because we are coming up on Winter here and many people here are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder, so she wants to head that off with me this year.....wonder what reason she will come up with to keep me on it come
Anyways, I haven't really been doing a lot of cardmaking (although you wouldn't know it from the cards I'm gonna show  Have been doing a LOT of designing lately though.  The cards I DID make are all of my Christmas cards for this year.  I didn't have a single card to start the Season out with, so had to start out from scratch this year.   These cards are all my own designs, so if you are interested in any of them, be sure to check them out at

As well as that, I got shanghied into doing another Craft Show tomorrow, after I said I wasn't going to do anymore until the economy got better.  So, I had to make up 20 Christmas cards for that too, as well as the Bevy of Angels.  I will have a total of 30 of these lovelies at the show, so hope others like them as well as I do!  Thanks to Carol from Fred She Said for the wonderful tutorial for these angels!
On that note, I will close with wishes for a Wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year and will really try to post more often!