Friday, July 10, 2009

Tutorial for Cropping to save ink when printing

Here is a Tutorial I have written for Tracey from Fred, She Said. The program used it Microsoft Paint, but will also work in Adobe Photoshop and (I imagine is pretty much the same) in Paint Shop Pro. If you don't know where Paint is on your computer, click on Start, Programs, Accessories and it should be in that drop down menu (unless someone has moved it. ;-) )
The sheet I used for this Tutorial is Tracey's Pink 'n Mellow Faux Foldy Flowers Freebie.

I hope this Tutorial helps you and there will be more Tuts to follow. Click on each picture to bring it to full screen.

(Edited: Again! I figured the image thing out! Wahoo! They now work when you click on them! :->)


  1. I would love to read your tutorial Carol, but nothing is happening when I click on the pictures. What am I doing wrong?
    Hope someone can help

  2. Great tutorial. I also tried doing it a little differently. Instead of getting rid of everything you don't want, you can also cut out the pieces you want and paste onto a new page. I'd forgotten about this program and can now save a lot of ink. Thanks again. Jackie

  3. Great tutorial, its easy to use a cartridge up and not know how. I will be using this a lot in the future
    thank you Sue

  4. I also couldn't get the pictures to go full size but just about managed to read what is on each shot. Jackie

  5. Great job have been very helpful and just full of information!!!!!...thanks, monna

  6. Hi Carol
    I came here for Fred She Said and discovered your blog. I suscribed as a follower. Great tutorial. I'm beginning with digital images. I know few things but not much, so I'll keep on watching your turorials. Thanks a lot.

  7. Great tut! In (PSP) print shop pro you can also just erase the items you don't want -- even on jpeg images. I often erase the images I don't want and them cut and paste the ones I want on the top part of the sheet, etc. Saving as much paper as possible. Thanks for sharing.

  8. fabulous tutorial Carol!
    Blessings, Maria

  9. This is very helpful. Thanks for the tutorial!