Friday, July 17, 2009

Folded Ribbon Roses Card and Tutorial

Here is a card I made using Folded Ribbon Roses. The paper is all embossed paper. The lighter paper is a pale Silver stripe embossed. The silver between is a Crumpled Metallic paper that was purchased in a pack with the top piece from Joann's. The ferns are punched using a Martha Stewar punch and the ribbon used for the bow is the same ribbon used for the center rose and was purchased at WalMart. I didn't actually use ribbon for the red roses, but used a kind of hem binding, folded in half lengthwise.
I also made a box to go with this card. The paper I used for the lid of the box was designed by Penny Wessenauer.

Here is a Tutorial for making the Folded Ribbon Roses I made in this card. Have fun!


  1. Gorgeous card and what a great idea of making the rose, I must try that. Thanks for sharing.
    Kathleen x

  2. What a cool tutorial. I may just try that sometime! :) The card is beautiful, BTW!

  3. Hi Carolivy,

    Thankd for sharing this tutorial. It assisted me a lot!

    Evelyn @ Message Keeper

  4. I found this so easy to understand and to make. I turned out a beautiful rose on my first try. Making these to decorate baby headbands. Thank you so much! Marlene

  5. Thank you very much. Now I finally understand how to ake these lovely roses to use on my daughter's dress.