Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13th Craft Show

Well I am home from my Craft Show that I had today. It wasn't a Total flop, but it was pretty slow for everyone today. It is held at Lost Lake Woods Country Club and is a big Winter Fest event for them. None of their events were very well attended because there was a very big snow storm in the South part of the state, keeping a lot of the people who usually come to the event away, so there were actually very few people (read that as customers) there for anyone...sigh. Oh well, the exposure is always good, no matter how few actual sales are made.
Here are the promised pictures of my display.


  1. That's such a shame after all your hard work Carol. But i know an awful lot of people will just not go out in bad weather, too risky.Fantastic display.

    Mary x

  2. Love the display Carol and am real sorry that the customers stayed at home. Maybe the wrong time of year for the event and spring would be better.