Thursday, December 31, 2009

Recent Needle Tatting

I have been doing a LOT of Needle Tatting lately and thought you might like to see some of the pretties I have been making. ;-)

This pattern is by Birgit Phelps and is adorbly tiny! I used DMC Light Effects to do all of the tatting in all 3 pairs of these earrings. The beads in this pair are all iridescent, though you can't tell it too well. :-( The Tatting on these only measure 1/2" wide! :-O

For this pair, I took a closer picture so, hopefully you can see more of the detail of the earrings and how sparkley the beads are. ;-)

This pattern is by Teri Dusenbury and I just LOVE the way I can add extra beads to the Tatting!

If you want to see more of my recent tatting, be sure to check out my Tatting Photobucket.


    Happy new year

  2. Wow! BEEEOOOTIFUL little pieces of art, Carol!
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs, Tracey

  3. I LOVE Needle Tatting! I'm so glad to see your work. Excellent job! I'm impressed. I love to make doilies and always love to look at pictures of doilies.
    Your jewelry is really pretty, thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Beautiful earrings, I love the tatting mixed with the beads, must try tatting once again I never reeally mastered it!

  5. Hi Carolivy,You have lots of lovely tatting made, Im knew at neddle tatting,the only thing I dont like is that were I live i cant find thin neddles because here are no tatters,and I cant tat with shuttle I find it very hard for me.