Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gregrry (another monster by Nolan-Tracey's son)

Well, I finally found time to take another break to play with Gregrrry (another monster created by Nolan, son of Tracey from Fred She Said) I really like the way he turned out. The backing paper is made in Photoshop using the tile I used for the flower, which was made by Scrapgirl from Circle of Crafters. I printed the tile on the back of a fairly lightweight scrapbook paper to get the pink with dots for the back of the tile.
This card will be going out to one of our Circle of Crafter members who is going through some real health challenges right now. Hope it brings a smile to her day.


  1. woohoo! Great card Carol! I'll add it to the blog next chance I get! Nolan was impressed with how you coloured the monster :)