Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life Has a Bad Habit

Sorry it has been so long since my last post.  For more of the story why, see this post:
I am also taking a break from working as a Design Team Member for Fred She Said, but will be back to that soon, I hope.  As soon as I can find my Card Making Mojo again.  I really haven't made very many  new cards recently.  I have however done quite a bit of new designing for anyone interested in making their own cards.  Please check out my designs here.  Here are a few of the cards I have made up over the last couple months using some of my own designs.

Mostly trying to get ready for Christmas, as I used up all of my stock of Christmas cards last year.  So the only cards I will get to send out this year are those that I get made.  Pretty sad really when you consider that I don't have any desire at all to actually sit down and MAKE cards right now!
I am in the midst of one of the largest design projects (for me at any rate) that I have ever done...including all of the CD's that I have put together. :-O  I came up with a New card concept and am currently working on the needed designs before I can go "live" with it over on CraftsUPrint.  I will post my finished card here as soon as the design goes "live" so you can all go check it out. ;-)
Well, hopefully this post means that I will be getting back to posting more regularly, even if I don't have any cards to share with you all.  I can't promise not to be a stranger again, but I can promise to try. ;-)

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  1. Beautiful cards Carol! I look forward to seeing your new card concept. You always have such wonderful ideas.