Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mobile Card Display

Have you ever wanted to have some kind of Display that you could carry your cards in?  One that you could just open and show your cards to potential customers?  Well, I have.  I've been carrying them around for years in boxes and people interested in my cards had to sort through the cards in the boxes to find what they were looking for.  Well NO longer!  I have had this Artist Portfolio for years (literally!)  I got it when I went to college, right out of High School...and I'm NOT telling you how long ago THAT was!  lol  Well, all it was being used for was to store my College Portfolio in that I never take anywhere, so I had this BRILLIANT idea to use it as a Mobile Card Display!  I went to Home Depot and bought 2 Ceiling Tiles.  I cut them to fit inside the Portfolio.  I spray painted 1 of them black and glued it to both sides of the Portfolio with Construction Adhesive.  The other one I left plain, but glued both halves back to back.  I thne covered the raw edges on this one with some very wide binding (Quilt Binding) using a very tacky glue (Aleene's Jewel-It)  Now it was ready for my cards!  Granted, I can't take EVERY single card I  have made, but I can take a good representation of what I have done and keep swapping them out for different ones, depending on the time of year.
Now for the pictures of my Mobile Display.
Here it is, Closed.  I know it is kind of "ratty" looking, but Hey, what do you expect for being as old as it is?  lol  It will get the job done and that is what counts, right?

Here is the Mobile Display opened up flat.

Opened Tented for better viewing.

One side of the Display.

The other side of the Display.
Here is one side of the Extra Display.  Can you see the Binding around the edges here?

The other side of the Extra Display.

Here is the Mobile Display, ready to close and go out "on the road"
I would LOVE to hear YOUR ideas!


  1. Well, that is a great idea Carol! :)

  2. A brilliant idea Carol and you won't have to worry about your cards being damaged either.

  3. What a great idea! I love to have one just like this. Thanks for sharing!