Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guess What....

I actually made some cards today.  My card making mojo has been on hiatus for so long, I was beginning to worry that it wasn't going to come back, but I had an order for some cards, so just sat down and got to it and am really pleased with the results.
This first card is my Blank Card Front 2-a with Rosey from Fred She Said and a Tea Bag Medallion with some tiles I made a long time ago.  The fold is Jeannie Pelletreau's Maggie's Fold

This next card is my Glory Roses on Green Card Front and Tea Bag Tiles and the fold on this card is Jeannie Pelletreau's B - Next Fold, Variation 18

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Great Craft Show! Wow!

Oh wow!  I had, I think, the BEST Craft Show I've had in YEARS just this past Saturday.
Here are pictures of my display.

I sold several of the larger bags, some of the jewelry and almost HALF of my cards! :-O
This is the show that I do at the local Country Club.  They hold a Winter Fest the day of the show and the weather was perfect that day!  I heard the fishing was great and the snowmobile races were good too.  I wouldn't know anything about any of that though.  I don't get out of the Club House where the show is

Some more good news, I've been asked by the local Art Guild to be the Guest Speaker at their April meeting.  They want to know more about my cards and they want a card making demontstration.  Gonna be some fun times there!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spreading my wings a bit...

Well, I have decided to spread my wings a bit.  I'm in the process of putting a Blog Store together that will feature my handmade cards and other handmade crafts as well as my Designer Resource Graphics.  I don't have a cart up and running yet, but the prices are listed, so if you see something you like, drop me an email (found in the Contact Me) and let me know what you are interested in.  There are NO minimum purchases and special requests are welcome as well.  Come on over and check me out, bookmark me, follow me and keep checking back.  I have loads to put up, but have to sleep some