Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guess What....

I actually made some cards today.  My card making mojo has been on hiatus for so long, I was beginning to worry that it wasn't going to come back, but I had an order for some cards, so just sat down and got to it and am really pleased with the results.
This first card is my Blank Card Front 2-a with Rosey from Fred She Said and a Tea Bag Medallion with some tiles I made a long time ago.  The fold is Jeannie Pelletreau's Maggie's Fold

This next card is my Glory Roses on Green Card Front and Tea Bag Tiles and the fold on this card is Jeannie Pelletreau's B - Next Fold, Variation 18


  1. You should be pleased! Two beautiful cards. I love your tile choice for the second one. It goes so nicely with Jeannie's fold.

  2. Lovely cards Carol-I am so glad you got your mojo back. When you aren't using it, can I borrow it please, as I have lost mine too!

  3. Very nice, Carol, I especially like your tea-bag card.