Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sorry I have been AWOL

Sorry I haven't posted here in so long. I have been working hard at getting ready for my next Craft Show, coming up the first Saturday of March. This one will be held at a Country Club and the vendors are by invitation only, so I have been working hard. Here are a few of the Easter cards I have done for the show.
This pattern is an Fancy Folding pattern by Ingrid, from Circle of Crafters and is done with Quilling Papers.
This pattern is also by Ingrid and is done in Florist Foils, which are a dream to work with!
This is one of Tracey's (of Fred She Said) Daffodil cards from her Daffodil Card Front Set, of which I took some of the "extras" and the Gamsol Technique and made this card.

This card is pure Tracey from her Daffodil Card Front Set. Backing papers on both of these cards comes from my Backing Paper CD.
And finally, this is what I have been doing to relax. I have taken up my needle tatting again. This is a bookmark that I have designed the pattern for, called Twisted Clover Bookmark. Anyone interested in the pattern, just send me an email. (Sorry, my email address is now in my profile) I will be posting more of my tatting in coming posts.


  1. Your cards are absolutely exquisite! I'm a tatter, too! Your bookmark is lovely. I would love the pattern. I'm not seeing your email address so maybe I will snoop around a little bit and see if it is available on your profile page. You are welcome to visit my tatting blog if you feel inclined to do so. Happy tatting! :)

  2. Carolivy .hola me llamo Dolores y vi tu pagina por casualidad y he de decirte que tus trabajos son fabulosos ,a mi tambien me gusta el frivolite con aguja y lanzadera tambien y me encanta hacer pendientes y collares ,siempre usando mi imaginacion.Te invito ,si quieres a que veas mi blog.