Thursday, July 3, 2008

Took a Break and made this

Took a break from my project and made this card for the Tea Bag Challenge on Circle of Crafters
The backing paper is from my Backing Papers 2 CD, the tile is one of mine and the fold is Jeannie Pelletreau's Xing fold, variation 9. The 3-D and stitching is from Anne's Paper Art. I have used purple and deep yellow machine polyester embroidery threads.


  1. What a stunning card Carol, I love, love, love it.

  2. Breathtaking! Such lovely colours and they all go so well together. I love the tile you used and the perfection of your stitching.
    Well done lady! :)

  3. wow what a lovely card you have made. It is so different to the other teabag cards I have seen just lovely. TFS. Cheers Toni